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Is it just me?

The following gem was written yesterday by one of my bosses: -

"We have read the material provided and believe that there are a number of complex unresolved issues. The issues, as you know, are difficult to differentiate, due to the difference in complexity between operating a cutter and operating an aircraft. This is not a straightforward issue it is complex both by way of costs and operational considerations, including safety. We believe we have the collective knowledge to work through these issues with you."

Does anybody else find this paragraph strange to read?

The context was a proposal to a client and this paragraph was apparently supposed to constitute the most telling and persuasive argument for hiring us.
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I read this paragraph and I'm thinking, How is the fact that there are differences between operating a cutter and flying a plane a 'complex unresolved issue'?
And that was only the beginning.

I think he had a panic attack while writing it. Try counting the number of times he used the words "issues", variations of "complex" and variations of "difference".
I'm not even part of the workforce yet, and that's already the sad type of thing I've come to expect from managers... the time ahead of me in my life is seeming waaaay too long.
Oh, and what I meant to say was:

Woo! Someone who is isn't me posted in this community!

(You're my hero)

Why is it that all writer's communities (and message boards) end up so damn quiet anyway?

Oh all right, I do admit to suggesting Nanowrimo but it is the middle Decemer already.
It's very... complex, isn't it? I can imagine a future edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, using this little gem as a quote under the definition of the word 'Complex', or 'Pointlessly convoluted'.
...*blink blink*

I think I understood it. But i'm reading it for the third time so perhaps not.