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I hope this makes sense

Hello good people!

I feel a little awkward about this so bare with me. I'm not Australian, but one of the main characters in my novel is and I need to make him sound like it - slang, accent and all. I've found a good website with all kinds of Aussie slang in it but I really, really don't want to write something that'll sound like I'm trying too hard or...well...copy things from a website, you know?

So what I'm basically looking for is an Australian beta reader, or someone who's willing to read my stuff before it's sent to the beta, to enrich the character. Please.

Mods, I'm sorry if this is not allowed and you're free to delete this, but I know I hate it when my country's culture and people get warped in various media forms in an obvious 'read-it-on-wikipedia' kind of way and I really don't want my novel to sound like that.

Thank you so, so much in advance.
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