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KSP SF/Fantasy Award 2005

All the SF and Fantasy writers out there might be interested to know that the KSP SF/Fantasy Award is on again for 2005. More details can be found at the website.
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You ruined it!

I was this community! The lifeblood. The sole, weak pulse. And now, for the first time in 13 months, someone other than me makes a post here.

On a brighter note... Abus Black and the Flying Machine shall live again! (I got about a third of the way into it last year, so I figure by next year I'll be ready to enter it)
Hehe - sorry about that. :D If it makes you feel any better, I'll let you make the next post.

Indeed, you should finish off Abus Black. I remember reading a little excerpt of it last year and found it most amusing. It'd be great to read the entire thing. (Assuming you'll be posting it for anyone to read, of course.)